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Pre-Listing Appointment Preparation

Property presentation goes a long way, both in the listing online as well as when buyers see the property in person. Below you will find my top tips on putting your property's best "foot" forward right from the beginning.

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In Preparation for Your Listing Appointment

The purpose of the listing appointment is to review and execute all paperwork, obtain photos, videos, and any other forms of media we've decided to use on the project, and answer any questions you, the seller has, before your listing goes live! 

We need your help in order to have an efficient and productive listing appointment. 

Before we arrive, please: 

  • Clean Thoroughly. A clean, dated home can sell faster than an updated messy home. 

  • Declutter as MUCH as possible.

  • Check all of your lighting, and replace burnt out bulbs! Good light goes a long way in revealing how warm and inviting your property can be. 

  • Prepare for your sale by reviewing your financial situation regarding the property. Having an understanding of what you owe on your property, and what you're willing to accept in an offer is huge to have and review ahead of time. We can use this information to strategize on our pricing approach and get you the proceeds that work for your financial goals. 

  • Compile a list of all the work you've done to the property since you've owned it. Dates and dollar amounts only increase the value of this documentation.

  • Complete your seller's disclosures ahead of time. That way we can review any questions you have, and collect those with the rest of the documents we execute. 

  • Compile a list of questions you have. One of the most important parts of our job as your agents is to make sure you understand how things will happen, when, and what your options are. We welcome any and all questions that might pop into your head.

Once we have the paperwork signed and the photos taken, we will put a lockbox and a sign on the property (if you want those options) and activate the listing in the MLS. Please note that we are held to certain deadlines with contracts, and certain measuring standards with regard to residential homes. These are set by our associations and I must abide by them. 

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