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Property Tour Tips

Viewing potential homes can be such a fun process! It is the opportunity to see and decide on what you want, or do not want in the property you end up purchasing. Here are suggestions to what to look for when we tour a home.


The Neighborhood

Before even entering the home, take a look at the neighborhood surrounding the property for sale. The state of the nearby properties has a big impact on the value of your property, so it's important to purchase in an area where the surroundings meet your expectations of condition and upkeep.


The Exterior

Take a close look at the condition of the exterior of the home and make note of any deferred maintenance or repairs needed. Examine the roof, soffit/facia, siding, and even the foundation if you can see those things. These are often the deal-breaking areas for "less-handy" buyers.


The Interior

Make a mental note of how the home smells - sometimes offensive smells don't move with the owner! Try to look past the personal property of the owner, and examine the space itself. Visualize your own furniture, decor, photographs, and decide if the space suits what you hope to end up with. Take note of damage or updating that you would want to repair and renovate, and keep that in mind while running the numbers on the property.

The Mechanical Systems

Most of what you'll want to check with regard to the mechanical systems will come in the inspection, but an initial test of faucets for water clarity and pressure, and a visual inspection of the heating systems and water systems can reveal their age and condition to a point. The inspection contingency will ensure the function of these systems is satisfactory. 


Wise Words...

Keep in mind that the offer you make on a home should be based on what you noticed at the initial showing. If an inspection uncovers damage that was not obvious at the time of the showing, you can oftentimes renegotiate the price or request repairs, but if the damage was clear at the showing, a seller will generally not be willing to negotiate further since the buyer made the offer with awareness of the issues in the first place. 

As your agent, I am here to answer questions you may have about a property, facilitate connection to required professionals such as inspectors, contractors, surveyors, etc., and to offer advice and input when it comes to pricing and negotiation. I will be able to shed light on what is customary when purchasing a home, and how market conditions may affect your offer and purchase. I am here to support you every step of the way! 

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