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Pre-Showing Prep

Put your BUYER EYES on! Think about what you loved about your home when you first viewed it, along with other home-viewing experiences you've had. Here we compile the best tips from our experiences. 



Arguably the most important tip of them all! We want buyers to feel comfortable in your space, and no one feels good when surrounded by a mess. Clear all possible surfaces including the floor, countertops, furniture, etc. Find a home for all of your belongings; don't just shove things in closets because buyers will open those to examine storage options that will come with the house. 


Freshen Up!

 This one comes with a caveat - don't overdo it with the air fresheners. You want a light, fresh scent in the air that makes the home feel clean and clear. Too heavy of scents will make buyers think you're trying to cover something up, like a bad smell that is not easily remedied. A wall plug-in on a low setting is a good option, otherwise you can bake up some fresh cookies and leave them on the counter for the buyers to enjoy as they tour the home! 


Remove Personalized Items

Remove photographs and other personal items that distract from the space! This one is more personal preference; we've seen reports that say that removing personal photographs can help a buyer more easily imagine the home as their own, but I have never heard a buyer say "man I wish these family photographs were gone so I could imagine mine here!" - so take it with a grain of salt. Other items that do not lend to the aesthetic presentation of a space should be removed so as to not distract.


Leave Documentation Out

Leave pertinent documents and a welcome note for prospective buyers! I always find it extremely helpful when sellers leave their pertinent documents on the counter for the buyer to review as they tour the home. These may include seller's disclosures, utility history, and lists of updates or upgrades that have been done to the home during the seller's ownership. We would hope the showing agents print these items and have them available, but not all agents are that well-prepared for your clients. If you like this idea, I would be happy to supply you with copies of everything to put out prior to showings. A warm note of welcome is always a nice touch - working with sellers who are nice people is certainly a selling point for any buyer!


Turn on All Lights!

 Last, go through each room and open up the window blinds/curtains and turn on all the lights, even in the middle of the daytime! Light makes spaces feel larger, and warmer. Stepping into a well-lit home is great for fostering positive feelings in a touring buyer.  

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