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One of the ways that I, as your agent, will prove most useful to you is during the negotiation process. Once we've found a home that you decide you'd like to purchase, we will draft an offer to purchase.


Stastically speaking, most people will buy and sell three-to-five homes in their entire lifetime. That is simply not enough experience to understand how to best maneuver and navigate a sale and end up with the most profitable outcome. 

I have over 10 years of experience in buying and selling homes, and I've had a hand in hundreds of transactions. Each of those transactions taught me tools and techniques that I use to keep my clients competitive and well-positioned. Not only that, but belonging to the largest and most successful brokerage in the area gives me access to over 400 years of combined experience amongst our colleagues. We are constantly discussing market trends, pricing strategy, and often most importantly, negotiation techniques that keep our clients successful when others are seeing failure and frustration. 

  • I always discuss the seller's situation and preferences prior to writing an offer! Price is always important to both the buyer and the seller, but the winning bid doesn't necessarily always go to the offerer with the deepest pockets! Sellers have all kinds of motivations to sell, and a discussion with the listing agent about what is important to a seller can reveal key techniques to craft an extremely attractive offer that may have nothing to do with dollar amounts. 

  • Lower offers don't always mean a lower purchase price. Buyers often fall prey to this kind of thinking - if we start with a lower offer, chances are our accepted purchase price will also be lower. But the opposite is actually true. You see, there are usually humans on either end of a real estate deal, which means there are emotions, and attitudes, and opinions on each end of the deal, too. Sellers can be emotionally attached to the home or property they have for sale, and they've often put their own "blood, sweat, and tears" into the home. Sometimes a lower offer can trigger angry or frustrated emotions, and then the negotiation process becomes MUCH more difficult. Playing nice and proceeding strategically can be much more fruitful!

  • The initial offer is NOT the only time negotiation comes in to play! As your agents, we start the negotiation process at the very first showing and continue it right through closing! First impressions are important, so a good agent will write feedback from the showing that sets the table for an offer. Sometimes that means gently pointing out the deterring factors to a property so the seller isn't surprised by a lower-than-asking offer, other times it entails writing a flowery, complimentary review of their decor choices so that they receive an aggressive offer favorably. Negotiation also comes back around after an inspection, if repairs or price adjustments are required. When closing comes around, a lot of moving parts and parties need to be organized and accounted for, and logistics need to be figured out. Through it all, we're the buffer between you and the stress and emotional blowback of figuring all of that out and making it work for everyone involved.

There are a number of negotiation-specific tricks and techniques that I utilize on a daily basis that I don't have space to discuss here. Each deal is different and requires a unique and creative approach to problem-solving. Allow omy expertise and experience to get you to success. 

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