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Preparing Your Home For Sale

Maximizing your possible sale price means putting some work and effort in ahead of listing... Read on to see how to best prep your property to be sold.

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Assess Condition & Repair

GOOD: Tour your own property with buyer eyes, make note of damage and repair it as necessary. Be careful with projects that require professional expertise! 

BETTER: Call your agents and have us walk through your property and make recommendations based on our two-decades of experience. We see damage and hear buyers' objections almost every day! We'll let you know what would make an impactful difference in your listing. Ultimately, the decision on what you address is yours to make. 

BEST: Obtain a pre-sale home inspection from a certified inspector. This is a two-fold strategy: on one hand it will give you the clearest and most detailed view of which repairs your home needs, and what will probably come up when a buyer purchases your property. On the other hand, it can be a great sales tactic because a buyer will then have the option of using the report you purchased to go off of instead of needing to purchase their own. 

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Clean & Update

GOOD: Clean your home, declutter as much as possible, and make good use of your storage areas to reduce the amount of "stuff" that is out on display.

BETTER: Hire professional cleaners, and rent a storage unit for all of your "extra" items, especially children's toys. Buyers will look in closets and want to see the storage space, so filling those with extra stuff isn't optimal. For updating, a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint will go a long way! 

BEST: Hire professional cleaners and have your agent tour your home and make updating recommendations. Updating will cost money, but overall it should translate to more money on your bottom line at closing. Making your home as desirable as possible will maximize the chances of multiple offers!

Address Your Landscaping & Curb Appeal

GOOD: Go outside and stand in front of your home and put on your buyer eyes again: Where do you see damage? Unkempt grass? Debris, garbage, and children's toys should all be picked up, put a way or disposed of. Your lawn should be maintained and don't forget the weed-whacking! A manicured lawn goes a long way.

BETTER: Along with the "good" approach above, plant some pretty flowers! A splash of color will frame your home nicely, and gives a friendly and warm first-impression.

BEST: Hire a landscaper. They are in the field every day and are up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques to make your yard and home stand out amongst the competition.


At the end of the day...

... These are all YOUR decisions, and I am here to help however I can! If you need recommendations for professionals, I have them! If you need professional eyes to get you going in the right direction, I've got your back. 

There are many ways to sell a home, but preparing ahead of time is the best way to efficiently reach your goal of selling. 

How much equity are you sitting on?
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